Adult Programs

The following are a selection of programs comissioned by various universities and organizations

Storytelling to Change the World
By empowering the imagination through the written and spoken word, multiple dialogues, and active listening techniques, Lisa guides groups through this creative process to identify and amplify their stories of healing, growth, and transformation. 

Creating Compassionate Communities
Individually designed based upon community and need. We begin by identifying community concerns; ways to address violence and injustice; create and implement programs to transform conflict, foster understanding, and inspire the creation of caring and peaceful communities and schools.

Standing in the Shoes of the Other: Moral Imagination, Empathy and Compassion
Built upon Lisa's extensive research on narrative and the creative arts approaches that develop empathy and build caring and compassionate classrooms and communities

Re-membering History: Reflecting on Heroic Acts of Nonviolent Protest and Peaceful Initiatives
Provides participants insight into alternative methods that have challenged and changed oppression, injustice, and despair.

Art: Protest to Transformation
Beginning with a historical overview that demonstrates how a variety of art forms has effectively been used to assist in changing humankind's perceptions and actions during times of conflict, participants are encouraged to envision personal artworks and creative projects that address issues of global and personal concern.  

Elder Leadership: Living and Transferring Our Ethical Ideals
Empowers educators, parents, and visionaries in all fields to identify, articulate, and model their highest principals of leadership.

Creating Inclusive Classrooms K-12: Integrating Peace Studies Curricula across the Disciplines
This program is designed to meet the specific needs and requests of administrators and teachers

Addressing Trauma. Searching for Baba Yaga
(For adults and survivors of violence, rape, abuse, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

This program introduces and explains Baba Yaga in Russian folktale by examining her world, her many roles, how she liberates, and the wondrous gifts she brings. Equipped with this map of meaning, we enter into Baba Yaga's fierce healing realm with a retelling of the folktale Fenist the Bright Falcon. Following this is a sharing of personal stories, which participants are invited to enter into if they choose.

Designed to open the heart to the courageous experience of soul retrieval and the action of reclaiming a lost part of the self that was disassociated from the body through trauma. 

Embodying Story: How to Bring Storytelling into Your Classroom
This is a hands-on program, designed to fit the needs and requests of participants. 


Youth Programs

The following are a selection of programs comissioned by private and public schools, grades K-8 

Giving Voice to the Wild Things: Celebrating Rachael Carson and Considering Endangered Species
This program reflects upon the abilities of one person who, against great odds, was effective in instituting positive and lasting change. In addition to honoring Ms. Carson, we examine the current state of endangered species and ways each of us might "give voice" to those living beings who cannot speak up for themselves.

Revelations in Randomness: Telling Stories through the Language of Comic Books and Graphic Novels
This program introduces participants to the methods used in this medium, in which humor and randomness provide freedom to examine challenging situations in new and inventive ways.  

The Silk Road, the Buddha, and Jataka Tales
These profound wisdom tales offer a wealth of meaning on friendship, service, sacrifice, humility, and compassion. 

The Enduring Wisdom of Ancient Cultures
These artist-in-residencies offer students an immersion in the mythology of ancient cultures. The week involves an overview of a particular history and culture, its beliefs and artifacts, the oral tradition of the culture’s tales, and an exploration of the meanings and messages these profound stories offer us today. Throughout the week, students work on an hour-length play, which they perform at week’s end.

The following is a list of Lisa’s original plays:

Travels Down the Ganges River: Tales from Ancient India

The Ancient Aztec, Inca, and Maya: A Dream Play in Three Parts

Ancient Egypt: Eternal Kingdom in the Golden Sands

Ovid’s Metamorphoses: Eight Myths