Haikus: Contemplating the Moment 

This is a collective gathering of haikus. It is built upon a daily mediation practice: Wake-up. Look at the world around you. When something strikes you, take a photo. Contemplate the moment. What does it say to you? Write your haiku. 

What is haiku poetry? “A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.” www.poets.org

Haiku practice asks us to be present to the world.
As minister, musician, and haiku poet, Doug LeBow, explains:

How to write Haiku?
Listen to your inner heart
Words will meet you there





In the darkest room
there’s a window with a view—
Open the shutters.


Burn your precious map, 
follow the unknown pathway: 
Be a wanderer.




Two empty chairs wait
for us to be together ~
Friend, come sit with me.

When you meet my eyes, 
begging transforms to asking: 
I’ll always say, "Yes."



To the bird that died: 
Hope you felt safe in my hands; 
they’re softer than stone.

Words cannot describe
feelings of limitlessness
lying under clouds.



Is there anything
more transporting than birdsong? 
Be still and listen.

Ephemeral time ~ 
impossible to contain, 
like mist between trees.


The following haikus have been shared by colleagues.


Rushing through moments
Reflections of things gone by
Held aloft by luck

By Daniel Rivers

Reflection speaks truth
I am within mother and
She is within me

By Melissa Constantini



Just open your eyes
Love can be found all around
Embrace the magic

By Melissa Constantini

Wispy greens and browns
Greetings from the Earth, herself
Sending love and light

By Melissa Constantini



Even through the cracks
Of a dry, man-made desert
Life will find a way

By Jane Vigliotti

The sign's shine is dulled, 
The ending - no longer clear
Still, life risks the trip

By Jane Vigliotti



Journeying through time
Encountering change in life
Future is unknown

By Sam Williams

Like the lines below
Energy flows through me.
So many depend.

By Eric Sumpter


Windows and mirrors
I can choose to look inside
Or to look right through

By Kate DeNaples

Basking in delight
Running but nowhere to go
Freeing, floating space

By Agatha Fazzino


Tile man is gone
I am tired of these tears
I am me again.

By Lee Skalkos

In the beginning
The world is bright and hopeful
Then life interferes

By Lorraine



Firmly, rooted, ground
Stretching upward toward the sky
Swaying, but on course. 

By Tamara Raiford

In a cold wet world
Find the things that warm you up
Happiness is close

By Nicole Flanagan



If you are thirsty,
this is where water comes from-
From corporate wells.

By Ted

Raining Saturday
Calm sounds of pitter patter
Harsh lights force focus. 

By Kate Mrowka



Nestled together
Solid and untouched through time
They are always three

By Ingrid

Inside looking out, 
Longing for a sunny day. 
Make the most of it!

By Jonnie Garcia



Love peaceful moments, 
Reflection a time to BE
It RAINS drops of JOY

By Janita JOY Frost